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Your wedding at
St. Olaf Lutheran Church

Devils Lake, ND

Wedding Decorations
First, congratulations on your engagement! We are very pleased that you are preparing to unite the rest of your life with one another. We are also pleased that you seek a Christian wedding. All weddings should be sincere, graceful, meaningful, joyous, forward-looking, and involving a supportive community. Christian weddings include an invitation of Christ’s presence and acknowledge that all is done in the sight of God. We want to make this a special day for you and rewarding for all involved! 

Please call or stop by the church office to receive a wedding planning booklet that is both a guide for your wedding planning and a notice of the policies for all weddings conducted at St Olaf.
Please fill out the Marriage Information form 
and bring it with you.

To Begin Planning your wedding:

  1. Couples should express their intentions to be married at least three months prior to the planned wedding date. Not all dates may be available for weddings.*
  2. A deposit and payment is required to be paid at the time your wedding date is reserved on our church calendar.  
  3. The Pastor from this congregation will be active in the ceremonies within this church.*
  4. Couples must complete a Pre-Marriage Online Inventory. as part of the required pre-marital counseling sessions. You must have the results made available to the Pastor at St. Olaf before pre-marital counseling sessions are scheduled.
  5. A rehearsal will be scheduled the day before the wedding. The bride, groom, attendants (including junior members, flower girls, ring bearers), musicians, ushers, and all participants in the ceremony (including parents) should be present.*
  6. The marriage license should be delivered to the church secretary the week before the wedding. *
 * Exceptions to any logistics or policies may be made in consultation with the pastor and council of this congregation.

The Pastor's Role

Our Pastor will meet with you to plan the ceremony. The Pastor has responsibilities and is accountable to God, to the congregation, and to you. She will serve as guide in your preparations to equip you for your life together. She will also ensure the beliefs, property, and ministries of this congregation are not neglected or tarnished. Any unique requests or exceptions to these policies should be directed to the Pastor first.
Call or stop by the church office to reserve a date for your wedding and to receive your complete wedding planning booklet.
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